Rene Dahinden, Sasquatch renegade

I’m reading a book called Searching for Sasquatch:  Crackpots, Eggheads, and Cryptozoology by Brian Regal.  Despite its title (and numerous editing problems), it is pretty good.  It starts out with a chronicle of my single favorite event in the history of Bigfooting:  Bossburg, Washington, and the discovery of the so-called “Cripplefoot” tracks.  It goes on to profile professor Grover Krantz, an early believer in things Bigfooty.  But stealing the show is Rene Dahinden.

You know that party game when someone asks you if you could spend a day with any person, living or dead, who it would be?  I’m leaning toward Rene.  A native of Switzerland who moved to Canada as a young man, Dahinden spent most of his life in single-minded pursuit of Sasquatch.  Surly, misanthropic, unconventional, and opinionated, Dahinden was a literal pioneer of Sasquatch research and, without a doubt, one of its most colorful characters.

Hustle on over to the CBC and watch this short 1976 documentary:

Tracking the sasquatch: Rene Dahinden seeks the elusive giant man-ape of the North American wilderness.