To kill or not to kill: that is the (legal) question


I’m sure many of you are aware of the famed ordinance in Skamania County, Washington, which prohibits bigfoot-killing.  But what about the laws in other places?  There’s a lot of ground to cover here in the good old U.S. of A.

This helpful article clears up the muddy waters of game regulations as they relate to bigfoot in California (don’t kill ’em) and Texas (go for it!)  Sigh… oh, Texas.

Breaking News: Bigfoot hunting is legal in Texas, but not in California!

From the above:

“The lack of confirmation of this alleged animal’s existence brings into question whether or not it occurs naturally in California,” according to the agency (California Department of Fish and Wildlife-ed). “If Bigfoot occurs naturally in the state, then it would be defined as a non-game mammal pursuant to California Fish and Game Code Section 415.”

In order to take a non-game mammal legally in California, it must be listed in the California Code of Regulations, which Bigfoot is not.

“If Bigfoot does not occur naturally in California then it would not be defined as a non-game mammal and could not be taken legally… unless the Bigfoot was causing property damage (in which case it could be depredated) or if a Bigfoot was considered a public safety threat (in which case the animal could be taken).”

Conversely, according to Texas wildlife officials, our big hairy friend is a “nonprotected nongame animal:”

A nonprotected nongame animal may be hunted on private property with landowner consent by any means, at any time and there is no bag limit or possession limit.

Glad that’s cleared up.  Now, on to find out the regulations here in Montana.



One thought on “To kill or not to kill: that is the (legal) question

  1. If Bigfoot was in the near future proven to exist and and even protect under federal law considering human nature and the history of the pouching of endanger animals, my fear the confirmation of the species existence would lead to its extinction.


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