Remembering Rene

rene d

Rene Dahinden, pioneering Bigfoot researcher, was born on this day in 1930.

Dahinden, Swiss by birth, migrated to Canada as a young man.  Soon thereafter, he devoted his life to searching for Sasquatch.  Along with his on-again, off-again research partner John Green, Dahinden contributed much to the growing field of inquiry beginning in the 1950s.  From Bluff Creek to Bossburg, Rene was on the front lines wherever the search led him.

I’ve written before that Dahinden is probably my favorite Bigfoot researcher.  He is a compelling figure.  Why?  Obsession:  the search came to consume Rene’s life.  He lost his wife, his family, and ended up living in a tiny trailer, as he poured all his time, money, and resources into the search.  Wonderfully profane, opinionated, and bullet-headed, Dahinden openly scorned doubting scientists and became a lightning rod for the Bigfooting community.  He lived for the creature, but his passion was unrequited; Dahinden never once saw Bigfoot for himself.  That is why I love him.

I’ve posted this link to a 1970s Canadian documentary before, but it really is worth a watch (and it’s only 15 minutes):

Tracking the sasquatch: Rene Dahinden seeks the elusive giant man-ape of the North American wilderness


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